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  • What is copyright?

    Generally speaking, copyright is the right given to the creator or owner of an original work. This right can subsist in literary works, musical works and artistic works, for examples, books, musical compositions, drawings and the like.
  • Which is the government departmentresponsible for registration of copyright?

    Copyright does arise immediately after the creation of the work. It is not necessary to register a copyright in Hong Kong in order to get protection under the Hong Kong law. In fact, there is no official registry in Hong Kong for registration of copyright works.
  • How long does copyright last for?

    In general, copyright lasts until 50 years after the creator of the work dies.
  • Who is theowner of the copyright?

    The author of a work is the first copyright owner of his work. For those works of employee, the employer is the first copyright owner unless there an agreement to the contrary is made between them.
  • What are the formalities in order to obtain copyright protection in Hong Kong?

    There are no formalities required to obtain copyright protection for a work in Hong Kong. First published works of authors from any place in the world also qualify for copyright protection in Hong Kong.
  • What is meant by parallel-imported copies of copyright work?

    Broadly speaking, parallel-imported copies of copyright worksrefer to copies of copyright works which were made with theauthorization of the copyright owner in the place of manufactureand destined for a market outside Hong Kong; but were thenimported into Hong Kong without the consent of the copyrightowner in Hong Kong.
  • Under the Copyright Ordinance, is there any liability for bringing back to Hong Kong for my own personal use a book or a musical CD which I bought during my overseas trip?

    No. There is no liability whether civil or criminal on your part in the above situation.
  • Is there any liability under the Copyright Ordinance for using aparallel-imported computer software in business?

    No. Parallel imports of computer software products have beenfully liberalized since 2003. At present, there isno restriction onthe importation or use of such parallel imports.


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