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  • What is a design?

    A design refers to the features of a shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article.
  • What is the scope of protection of a registered designs?

    Registered designs protect only the appearance of products but not the way in which the product relates to the design works.
  • What is the right of the owner of registered design?

    Owner of the registered design have the right to prevent others from using, selling, manufacturing, importing or hiring the registered product.
  • How long is the protection for a registered designs?

    A registered design is renewable for periods of five years up to a maximum of 25 years.
  • When should I apply to register my design?

    You should apply to register your design before publishing, using, disclosing or manufacturing it. Only a new design is registrable.
  • Can one application include more than one design?

    More than one design can be included in an application if the designs relate to the same class of articles or the same set of articles.
  • What is “article”?

    “Article” is defined as “any article of manufacture and includes any part of an article if that part is made and sold separately”.
  • What is a set of articles?

    Two or more articles of the same design and of the same general character, usually sold or used together, for example a bowl set, is a set of article.
  • How to classify an article?

    The latest edition of The International Classification of Designs (“the Locarno Classification”) is adopted for classifying design articles.
  • How long will the registration of design take?

    A certificate of registration will be issued within three months from filing, assuming the application process is smooth.



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