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  • Trademark is a distinctive symbol. It can be a brand, words, letters, numbers, patterns, sounds, smells, colors, packaging or combination of these elements. In addition to traditional trademarks, there are color trademarks, sound trademarks, three-dimensional trademarks, smell trademarks and etc.

  • What information is required for registration of a trademark in Hong Kong?

    1. Copy of ID card or passport for an individual applicant or company’s registration certificate for a company applicant;
    2. Applicant’s address;
    3. Logo of the mark;
    4. Applied for goods or services.
  • How long is the valid period of protection for a registered trademark?

    The protection of a registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the filing date in Hong Kong and most of the countries. If the trademark owner wants to enjoy the exclusive right to use the trademark continuously, he/she needs to apply for renewal before the end of the valid period.

  • How to classify the goods and services?

    The latest version of NICE Classification is applicable to Hong Kong and most of the countries.

  • Is it possible to amend the specified goods or services after the filing of trademark application?

    The applied for goods or services can not be increased or changed after filing the application. However, without detriment to the right of others, amendments limited to specific description, reduction or removal of the original designated goods or services so as to narrow down the range of protection may be allowed during the stage of examination.
  • What’s the meaning of the symbol “®”?

    “®”is the symbol of Registration. It means that the trademark is registered. It is normally indicated on the top right of the mark. The registered trademark with a symbol of“®”can be attached or labelled to the designated goods or services so as to let the public know that the relevant brand has already been registered as a trade mark. Any person who falsely represents that a sign is a registered trade mark or makes a false representation as to the goods or services for which a trade mark is registered by using a symbol of“®”commits an offence.


    A registered trademark which has exclusive and unique characteristics belongs exclusively to the trademark holder under the protection of law. Any corporations or individuals without permission of the registered trademark owner cannot use the latter’s trademark. Otherwise, they will assume criminal and civil liabilities.

  • What’s the meaning of the symbol “TM”?

    “TM”is a symbol of trademark. It’s also normally indicated on the top right of the brand in order to let the public know that the brand is a trademark, not a general name of goods or descriptive term. Either a registered or non-registered trademark can have the symbol “TM” indicated on its right top but it is normally used on a non-registered trademark.
  • If a company covers up its infringement of any registered trade mark by using my registered trade mark as its company name, can I take action to stop its infringement?

    Yes. Use of other’s registered trademark as a company’s name without permission of that other is an infringement of trademark. If such infringement occurs, you can take action in accordance with the law.

  • If an applicant for registration of a trademark has been applied in other countries, can a subsequent application based on the former application be made in Hong Kong (or other countries)?

    The applicant may, within 6 months after filing the trade mark application in a designated country and in reliance thereon, file a trade mark application in Hong Kong (or other countries) claiming priority over an earlier registered mark in that designated country.
  • Can a registered trademark be transferred? If so, what is the procedure?

    If you want to transfer your trademark to another legal entity, you can do so by submitting an application for transfer together with supporting documents, if necessary, to the country where the subject trade mark was registered.

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